Tuesday, April 25, 2017



DATE: WEDNESDAY, April 26, 2017
TIME: 10:30-12:00

Mission and Vision Statment


Teaching, Research and Service is our Passion

Our Staff is our Asset

Our Alumni is our Pride

 and Excellence is our Creed




“The University of The Gambia shall be the powerhouse for the transformation of The Gambia through the creation, application, and transfer of knowledge.”


“The University of The Gambia will provide relevant, sustainable, and high quality tertiary education and research in respect of socio-economic, scientific and technological advancement and development.

It will be a centre of excellence which will accommodate national, regional and international requirements. The University will utilize the concept of incremental improvement to maintain high standards thereby empowering students with the opportunity to fulfil national needs. It will also provide students with the facility to realize their full potential both generally and in employment.”

The University of The Gambia will seek to attain its Vision and Mission by:

  1. Promoting equitable and sustainable socio-economic development of communities through relevant,
    high-quality gender-sensitive teaching, research and outreach programmes
  2. Providing higher education to all persons, suitably qualified and capable of benefiting from it.
  3. Positioning itself as a national asset committed to the promotion of life-long learning.
  4. Developing its information and communication technologies, infrastructure as a driving force for the
    education of more people more rapidly and for the improvement of efficiency and academic quality to
    attain the goals of poverty alleviation and national development