Tuesday, April 25, 2017



DATE: WEDNESDAY, April 26, 2017
TIME: 10:30-12:00

Relations Office


The Office of University Relations was established in recognition of the growing need to widen international cooperation at the University. Many institutions/universities have signed partnership agreements with UTG, with activities such as faculty and student exchanges and joint research projects already underway.

Today, the Office is engaged in much more wider roles as the central coordinating Directorate charged with facilitating and coordinating all UTG activities such as events, ceremonies and disseminating information to the community. As the image maker of the university and custodian of the website, the Office in collaboration with stakeholders is working relentlessly to ensure the re-branding, re-positioning and marketing of the UTG.  

Its main objectives are:

  • To foster closer ties with other Universities in the African sub region and abroad
  • To establish links with Gambian and non-Gambian academics in the Diaspora
  • To prepare and disseminate information on all aspects of the University
  • To develop a UTG Alumni Association among other things



  • Working on updating the UTG website in collaboration with the IT Department
  • Developing a brochure for the School of Undergraduate and Post Graduate Studies & Research 
  • Processing Immigration matters for arriving Guest, foreign Lecturers and Students.
  • Sorting out accommodation needs of Guest, Lecturers and international students.
  • Arranging Press and TV coverage for all University events.
  • Recording of minutes and preparing reports of events.
  • Attendance of important ministerial meetings and other national meetings.
  • Attendance of UTG meetings.
  • Meetings with Vice Chancellor's guests.
  • Looking into the general welfare of International Students and Staff.
  • Catering for UTG student and staff travel matters and Visa request.
  • Handling numerous correspondences to the UTG via email or letters.
  • Serving as liaison between foreign staff and the Finance Office in meeting their needs.



| University of Bergen - Norway | Vaxjo University - Sweden | University of Limoges - France |
| Tomas Bata University - Czech Republic | Cheikh Anta Diop University - Senegal | Teeside University - UK |
| Leeds Metropolitan University - UK | Bristol University - UK | University of Gaston Berger - Senegal |
| Szent Istivan University - Hungary | Swansea University - UK | York St. John University - UK
| St. Mary's College of Maryland - USA | University of Iowa - USA | University of Illinois, Springfield - USA |
| University of Mindello - Cape Verde | Obafemi Owolowo University - Nigeria | University of Westminster - UK |
| Babcock University - Nigeria | Fatih University - Turkey | Drexel University - USA | University of Iceland - Iceland |
| Taipei Medical University - Taiwan | Consortium of African Universities (U6) | University of Ibadan-Nigeria |



For the purpose of strengthening bilateral relations with partner Universities and for exposing our students to both academic and diversified cultural exchange, Student exchange programmes remain vigorous and continue to expand.



There exist already a good number of International students mainly from the Sub-region, studying in different Departments in the University. UTG also hosts regional programmes like WASCAL and several exchange students outside the sub region.