Tuesday, April 25, 2017



DATE: WEDNESDAY, April 26, 2017
TIME: 10:30-12:00

The new dispensation of the faculty of law, which was ushered in by the advent of Professor M.O. Kah's administration is now entering its 5th year. Since January 2010, the Faculty of Law continues to grow from strength to strength by registering more successes and new breakthroughs in all sectors particularly in the areas of student's enrollment, recruitment of faculty members, acquisition of learning and reading materials, establishment and running new special academic programmes such as a Legal Aid Clinic, a mooting and legal advocacy programme, a special degree programme for the security forces, the working class and adult learners as well as reorganization of the faculties governing structure. There has also been numerous successes in the area of students as well as faculty participation in extracurricular activities both within and outside the Gambia.

As repeatedly indicated in the past 4 years' annual reports, the Faculty of Law has so far been a major beneficiary of the new dispensation of the University which ushered in a new reality concerning the management and the administration of a University system, as well as the rapid development and crystallization of University culture and tradition in The Gambia. Fourth Graduation We are happy to report that the Fourth batch of students admitted into our LLB degree programme, which numbered 16, have successfully completed the LLB programme. Some of the students in the fourth batch have been employed by the Office of the Chief Justice of the Gambia into the Gambian Judiciary as Magistrates. As for the third batch of graduates most of whom were appointed into the judiciary and they also have successfully completed their BL programme with the Gambia Law School, which is run by the General Legal Council. In addition, the Fifth batch of students admitted into our LLB degree programme, which numbered 50, have successfully completed the


Acquisition of books, other Learning Materials and Recruitment of Visiting Scholars.

The fruitful linkages and partnerships that have been established between our faculty and the Faculty of Law of the University of Pretoria and its Human Rights Centre, Faculty of Law of the University of Bristol in Britain, and a group of Freelance academics in Canada as well as with leading academics, publishing houses and academic foundations in New Zealand, The United States of America and the United Kingdom, has continued to grow from strength to strength. Such academic foundations include the America-based books for Africa Foundation and the UK-based and The Solicitors International Human Rights Group (SIHRG), while the publishing houses include Harts Publishing Ltd, Oxford University Press, Macmillan Publishing Company and Cambridge University Press in the United Kingdom as well as Lexis in New Zealand and the City University of New York Law School (CUNY).

As indicated in the previous reports over the past 4 years, the law faculty has received several consignments of more than 1600 volumes of brand new books, law journals and other law publications donated by our partners in the USA, UK, South Africa, New Zealand and elsewhere. Currently the Centre for Human Rights of the Faculty of Law of the University Pretoria is partly funding a 3 years fulltime contract between one of its former Alumni's and the Faculty of Law's of the University of the Gambia.

Postgraduate opportunities

The Faculty of Law continues to diversify the opportunities that could be acquired for the University in general and the faculty in particular as well as for its students and graduates particularly in the area of support for them to take up research initiatives and the provision of post graduate
opportunities. Currently one of the graduating students of the faculty's second batch of graduates, who was doing her LLM programme at the Faculty of Law in the University of Pretoria in South Africa has been recruited as a fulltime lecturer in the faculty of law upon her return from South Africa, This newly recruited home grown staff, Ms Satang Nabaneh was fully sponsored when she was doing her LLM by the University of Pretoria as a result of a successful
intervention and negotiation by the Dean of the Faculty of Law of the University of the Gambia.

The New Programme

The main objective of the Faculty of Law of the University of The Gambia is to produce locally trained law graduates who will in turn contribute  meaningfully to the socioeconomic development of The Gambia and thus meet the expectations of society. To do this, the Faculty is mandated to prepare its students for a broad spectrum of the country's developmental and societal needs. These include the judiciary and the legal profession, the public and the civil service, law enforcement and internal security agencies, tertiary institutions and academia in particular, international agencies and civil society organizations and the private sector.