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DATE: WEDNESDAY, April 26, 2017
TIME: 10:30-12:00

Information Technology & Communication

The school of Information Technology & Communication (ITC) at the University of The Gambia strives to ensure high quality technological education to the students of the University. The school serves the need of students in The Gambia and beyond by providing them with applied knowledge and practical skills in promoting critical thinking, creative problem solving and developing effective communication and entrepreneurship skills. As part of this mission, the faculty members engage in applied, integrative, collaborative and pedagogical scholarship.

The Information Technology and Communication programme, as in the other academic programmes, is matching the curriculum to the current and
anticipated labour markets needs of The Gambia. The school of Information Technology and Communication offers internship programmes linking UTG students with business and other organizations to provide a real-time hands-on experience. It will continue to work closely with local institutions (Government, private sector affiliates
Dr. Momodou Jain, Overseer

etc) and the international community at large, in determining the current labour needs in The Gambia as the evolution of instruction at the University proceeds. Thus, there will be mechanism for continuous upgrading of instructors and in the facilities that support the academic programmes. The school of Information Technology & Communications offered two Majors during the 2012-2013 academic year.

  • Computer Science
  • Information Systems

The school of ITC conducted the following courses during the First and Second semester of the academic year:


Other Activities
The school of ITC has been meeting regularly during the Academic year, especially during the 2th Semester as well as every fortnight during the present Summer Holidays. In all of the meetings held thus far, the following decisions and actions have been taken:

  • The setting up of a Curriculum review committee headed by Prof Boillat
  • The setting up of a Committee for Proposal for sponsorship for a Workshop (Retreat) for ITC Curriculum Review
  • Research committee

Curriculum review committee
The Curriculum review committee was necessitated by the realization of the fact that present curriculum of the School of ITC is lacking in contemporary terms, in the area of relevant courses and their content. This was realized after comparison with some other top European Universities. It is our hope and desire, that at the end of the exercise, we shall come up with a recommendation suitable for adoption by the University.