Tuesday, April 25, 2017



DATE: WEDNESDAY, April 26, 2017
TIME: 10:30-12:00


7.2.1 Overview of the Department During the year under review the programme was reviewed from a three year programme to a four year programme by the UTG Senate. The Department trains and prepare “paraprofessionals” in Planning, Design and Construction for employment in the building sector. This programme prepares all levels of government, non-governmental organizations and community agencies, spear heading The Gambia towards a more appropriate, sustainable and environmentally responsible approaches to its built and natural environment.

7.2.2 Course Provision

Four major streams exist for the Bachelor of Community Building and Design (BCBD) programme namely:

  • Humanities
  • Practice
  • Technology
  • Design Studio.

Each of these streams has a course per semester for the three years except for the third semesters that are allocated for work placement for three months and in the final year students writes an individual research project on planning/design or one for their external examination. For the year
under review Christine Macy Dean faculty of Architecture and planning Dalhousie University served as one of the external examiners. In addition, to the above streams a module is also conducted bringing the students and the faculty staff together for two weeks to work on a project from the beginning to the finish.
For the year under review, the module was centered on a publication on studies done by students and staff on the RVTH now EFSTH.

7.2.3 Student Matters
During the period under review (seventh cohort of the programme), no interview was conducted. The admission procedures governing UTG were
applied for 2013. Twenty-one (21) students were given admission out of which twenty (20)
registered. The Enrolment figures for the year under review is, Sixty-three (63) students with 55 male and 8
female accounting 14.54% as opposed to 9% female enrolment in 2012. However, by September 2013 the total number of students dropped from 63 to 60 students. Furthermore, in May 2013, fifteen final year students were subjected to their external examinations all succeeded except one who was referred.

For the year under review, two external examinations were held for the 2012 and 2013 finishing cohorts. The 2012 external examinations took place in January 2013 with one referred to review and polish his individual project for May 2013. In the May exams Two student were asked to repeat and re-do the examinations in May 2014. The examiners are Christine Macy and Rodie Cole.

7.2.4 Teaching and Learning Resources
The department had all the teaching and learning resources. Communities such as new Jeshwang, Talinding and Latrikunda Sabiji were used as course content for the students and we would like to register their sincere appreciation to all the Alkalos and individuals in both communities for giving us the permission and
their participation in the study. In September 2013, Kanifing Municipality and Old Bakau/Cape point development committees permitted the department to use Bakau market as course content and on behalf of the UTG, GTTI, students and staff of the department wish to extend their sincere gratitude to the Alkalo, Bakau Development Committee and the Community for their immense support during the period.