Tuesday, April 25, 2017



DATE: WEDNESDAY, April 26, 2017
TIME: 10:30-12:00

We wish to welcome you to the School of Arts and Sciences, The University of The Gambia. This is a relatively new institution and comprises of the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Division of Physical and Natural Sciences. The Division of Humanities and Social Sciences offered the following programmes: Development Studies, French, English, Gender Studies, Geography, History, Islamic Studies, Christian Studies, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology. The Division of Physical and Natural Sciences offered four main programmes which include Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

The University of The Gambia is pushing hard to secure itself a lofty place in the academic world. This is a goal we hope to very rapidly attain if we all demonstrate a steadfast and sustained willingness to work together. This course catalogue is the fruit of such concerted efforts by every member of the School and its contents are quite in harmony with what you can find in reputable universities the world over.  On successful completion of the Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programme, the holder is sure to hold his own in any academic circle he may find him/herself. As user friendly as it certainly is, it is hoped that this catalogue will be a reliable guide to the students in their academic journey through the University of The Gambia.

The University of The Gambia’s General Education curriculum for its part has broad objectives. It seeks to help students holistically develop some general skills and engage them in intellectual works wherever they may find themselves upon graduation. Students are helped to develop necessary analytical skills which are significant to help them grasp key elements of social and natural phenomena.

The major areas of study provide students the opportunity to have an in-depth knowledge of a segment of human knowledge. With a carefully designed curriculum, students are guided to develop their cognitive abilities with a view to making them independent learners. Free electives are structurally added to give students the freedom to pursue interests that may lie outside their major area of study but which help to shed light on their major area. The University of The Gambia continues to maintain its liberal arts education philosophy. We shall always strive to provide students with general knowledge and skills which shall always put them in good stead to give back to their societies, become versatile workers and sound decision makers. 

 In conclusion, students are assured of the School’s willingness to come promptly to their assistance whenever the need arises. As a matter of fact, this School has always maintained a genial lecturer-student relationship; so do not hesitate to ask any lecturer for any form of assistance within the bounds of propriety.

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